Le vieux Lavoir (small)

The "Vieux Moulin story" started in 1870 and has taken place under the management of five generation of wine growers. As far back as 1938, Aimé Roudil set the limits of the vineyards and created the Tavel designation with Le Baron Le Roy wich has become "the first rosé of France" today.

Later, having sit in the wine growers association for a long time, his grandson named Henri had the ear of the wine producers of the area and developed with dynamism and ability his growing estate " Le Vieux Moulin".

Today his daughter Véronique, his son in law Didier Jouffret and his grandson Sébastien are wonderfully settled in an avant garde cellar, the architecture of wich was inspired by the old washhouse's in Tavel. They ideally complete the range of wines with the production of the estate preciselly called " Le Viux Lavoir".

Combining the experience passed down by his grand father with care and the generosity of his youth, Sébastien deals with the wine making of the two growing estates and offers exceptional wines stemmed from the soil in his his warm and bright cellar. Tavel, Lirac, Côtes du Rhône Vin de pays du Gard, Vin de pays d'Oc and special reserve are elaborated in a masterly manner from Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, old Carignan and the surprising Counoise with a refined flavour of liquorice.

With the Roudils and Jouffrets there is a constant search for perfection for the management of the vineyard ( Didier and Justin) as well as the conviviality in the cellar ( Véronique and Stéphanie) and for the harmony in vinification of course ( Sébastien).

Guests will have great time in the cellar for sure!